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Did you know that by rethinking the way you organize your daily practice, you can gain in comfort, efficiency and profitability? 

Having had the chance to participate in two days of training with Nathalie,  I can say that it brings a lot of cohesion within the team: it allows us to start off on a good footing. What does not spoil anything the atmosphere during the training is very good. Bravo Nathalie for your professionalism.

Dr. Renan Ollier



Nathalie Rumiz,  creator of the "soft skills method"


My mission is to help you enhance your worklife comfort through interpersonal skills. 

Perfecting technical protocols is important for the practice, but neglecting interpersonal skills can lead to friction, demotivation, resignations, etc. It is therefore necessary to develop your soft skills, which will help stabilize your team and make your interactions with others smoother and more harmonious.

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