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Workshop #1

This is the 'cuddly' workshop, the essential first step in creating or strengthening the bond among every team member. A team is not just a collection of individuals!


To progress toward a common goal, it's vital to establish a genuine connection among all.


We will explore how to build a cocoon of kindness and honesty, and it's through this strong rapport that the word 'team' truly comes to life. When this cohesion is achieved, it becomes conceivable to work towards common objectives, specifically the positioning you desire for your practice.


Leadership is a powerful skill for a manager, but it's also valuable for every team member because it allows, within the context of your practice, to gain the cooperation of your patients.


The afternoon will be dedicated to individual interviews so that each person can find a space to express themselves freely, release any remaining unspoken words, and alleviate lingering tensions.

Workshop #2
Interpersonal communication

“Communication is a complex alchemy between a sender, a message and a receiver”

  • Do we use filters in our exchanges?

  • Can we express remarks without fear of hurting, attacking or being confronted with indifference?

  • Is it possible to receive and accept comments without overreacting?

We will see when, why and how to give and receive feedback.  

To have free expression is to have access to the truth, and this authenticity of information is essential to making the right decisions.


Afternoon devoted to the cabinet meeting. 

Assessment and definition of objectives, areas of progress.

Workshop #3
Conflict and emotional management

Quality of life at work is an aspiration that many of us share, but how many of us manage to satisfy it?

Tension, stress, conflicts are part of business life!

Should we remember that conflict is a form of communication, which makes it possible to satisfy needs and desires? Everyone acts according to their character, with a particular style. Each attitude varies according to the context, the constraints and the nature of the issues, and results in 4 possible reaction behaviors.

In order to improve our prevention of tensions, we will carry out a self-assessment of the main points of active listening.

The second part of this workshop will deal with the role of emotions in communication. Understanding them is necessary to tame them. What methods do we have to control them?

Finally, I will offer you a conflict management protocol.


Afternoon Cabinet meeting.

Workshop #4
Neuroergonomics & happiness at work

This workshop will discuss how the brain works at work, how to develop our learning and attention skills. The driving forces of play and passion!

How to fight our limiting thoughts, how to stop our ruminations, etc…  

Why our mind is our worst enemy. And finally, how to filter our thoughts, to favor those that are positive and creative. How to stop self-sabotage, improve self-esteem and become the best version of yourself!  


Afternoon Cabinet meeting

Graduation ceremony 

Possibility of sharing a yoga class to complete the training. 

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Atelier 3
Atelier 4
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