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In an era of increasing digitization, let's prioritize the human element


Our internal approach is centered around creating and strengthening cohesion within your team. We aim to unleash and streamline interactions, thereby enabling more open and constructive communication. Managing emotions and conflicts is at the core of our approach, fostering a healthy and productive work environment. By cultivating positive thinking and reinvigorating the meaning of daily work, we encourage enhanced engagement among your team members.

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Patient et dentiste


Our expertise extends beyond internal relationships. We also provide solutions to enhance interactions with your patients. Establishing empathetic listening allows for a deeper connection, while clear interpersonal communication ensures information is conveyed effectively. Moreover, we are here to guide you in managing challenging situations with patients, including those who may exhibit aggression. Our holistic approach aims to strengthen patient relationships, thereby improving the quality of their experiences and contributing to the growth of your practice.

"This training in soft skills and communication, which is both highly specialized and accessible to all, has truly been beneficial and appreciated by my entire team, including myself. It was a precious moment of reflection, introspection, and exchange that strengthened team bonds and cohesion in a playful and joyful atmosphere.


I also enlisted the help of Ms. Rumiz for our annual reviews. Her humane and compassionate listening enabled my assistants to open up and resolve minor conflicts inherent to our team's work. It seems to me that conducting these interviews periodically will help regularly address any 'rough patches.' I am grateful to Ms. Rumiz for her invaluable support in this demanding HR role!"

Dr. Nabila Beral


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Nathalie Rumiz,  creator of the "soft skills method"


Discover how our behavioral skills-focused approach can truly transform your outcomes. Through our 'soft skills' approach, we build a virtuous circle within your team to enhance your collective performance. By improving interpersonal communication, adjusting behaviors, and boosting motivation, we foster team cohesion and the level of engagement among your collaborators within the practice.


Our expertise in 'soft skills' also leads to increased patient satisfaction and the consolidation of your reputation through positive word-of-mouth and obtaining positive Google reviews

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