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Nathalie's Journey

Nathalie Rumiz is a multidisciplinary professional who has dedicated her life to learning and personal growth. Her comprehensive training in neuro-ergonomics, transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic programming, and non-violent communication has laid the foundation for her career focused on human development and well-being.


She explored the realms of energy and health by undergoing training in Vibration Santé Source, specializing in energy healing. Her quest for inner balance also led her to become a yoga and meditation teacher at Hari Om Yoga Vida School in Rishikesh, an experience that enriched both her personal and professional life.


As a lecturer, Nathalie possesses skills in communication and public speaking, which she continues to refine since her training at HEC Paris. Her higher education in international business at IFOCOP in Paris has enhanced her ability to understand and navigate diverse professional environments.


Her life philosophy is infused with positive psychology, meditation, and a passion for Eastern culture and spirituality. These discoveries have illuminated her understanding of well-being and inner harmony.


Before fully dedicating herself to her consulting and speaking career, Nathalie spent 27 years of her professional life in the medical field as a manager at Rocky Mountain Orthodontics. This experience has shaped her understanding of healthcare and reinforced her commitment to holistic well-being.


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