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Do you feel like you've organized your practice to the best of your ability and have reached the limits of what you can achieve on your own?


Are you now in automatic mode, aware that you may no longer be able to identify potential changes to make?


If you're aiming for excellence in your patient care and daily practice, an external expert can help you identify areas for improvement and provide you with the tools to achieve them.

Treat yourself to an audit!


We are all aware that most tasks that require time, precision, and concentration benefit from an expert external perspective.


Our concept is divided into three propositions:

Hub audits

Immerse yourself in a unique experience alongside Nathalie Rumiz, where your behavioral and relational skills will be illuminated in a new light. With particular emphasis on essential aspects such as empathetic patient reception, patient motivation, and treatment plan acceptance, this approach is committed to transcending traditional boundaries of professional practice.


Nathalie Rumiz offers you the opportunity to deeply explore your attitudes within the team, in order to strengthen collaboration and harmony for optimal performance. Additionally, expertise in handling difficult patients will be addressed, equipping you with tools to transform challenging situations into opportunities for growth.


Join us for an enthralling journey where your newfound behavioral and relational skills will enable you to cultivate a dynamic professional environment and propel your career to new heights

Audit Soft Skills

Dive into an exclusive experience with Professor Michel Le Gall, during which your technical skills and the organization of your practice will be analyzed from every angle. From Front Desk management to the Technical Room, through the Treatment Room and Sterilization, this approach invites you to explore every corner of your professional environment.

Professor Michel Le Gall is committed to guiding you in optimizing your clinical daily life. How to align your practices with the legislation, whether technical or payroll-related? From medico-legal mentions to job descriptions, and through digital workflow, all crucial elements for the smooth operation of your practice will be examined.

Join us for an exceptional adventure led by Professor Michel Le Gall, where your technical skills and the efficiency of your practice will reach a new level of excellence. It's an invaluable opportunity not only to enhance your clinical performance but also to ensure compliance with the legal and technical standards governing your field of activity.

Audit Hard Skills

Join a unique experience where the cutting-edge skills of Nathalie Rumiz and Professor Michel Le Gall will come together to offer you an all-in-one expertise day. In a friendly and participatory atmosphere, these two experts will examine every aspect of your practice in detail, assessing your technical skills and both behavioral and relational abilities.

During this exceptional day, Nathalie Rumiz and Professor Michel Le Gall will review your strengths and talents while accurately identifying areas where improvements are possible. Their personalized advice and suggestions will guide you toward clear and concrete areas of growth, paving the way for untapped potential.

This day is not limited to the professional aspect alone. Thanks to their combined intervention, you will be able to awaken teamwork and dynamism in your practice. You will also cultivate serenity within your work environment, creating a space conducive to both professional and personal growth.

Unlock the hidden potential of your practice, and you will quickly see the results in your daily life.

Audit complet
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