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Soft skills, often overlooked, are of paramount importance for mastering the human aspects of daily team dynamics, rather than passively enduring them.


With this in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions. These will lead you to a deep understanding of methods to enhance efficiency, well-being, and cohesion within your practice.

Ateliers Pratiques



Improve your quality of life at work thanks to relational skills.

Perfecting technical protocols is important for the firm, but neglecting relational skills can cause things not said, tensions, demotivation, work stoppages, resignations, etc.

It is therefore necessary to perfect your soft skills, which stabilizes the team and makes relations with others more fluid and harmonious.  

For this, it is necessary: To work on oneself, to stop thinking that conflicts are always the fault of others, to understand that we cannot control all the events of our life, but that we can challenge ourselves to control the how we react to what is happening…and all of this can be learned in the same way as technical skills.  

In these workshops, you will be presented with tools drawn from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Non-Violent Communication, Transactional Analysis, Positive Psychology, neuroergonomics, and oriental wisdom, carefully selected with the aim of to build a method adapted to the exercise of your practices. 

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