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Practitioners and employers often find themselves exhausted by the complexity of human resource management within their practice. Constraints related to staffing may not always allow for a full-time internal HR manager. Moreover, their busy schedules and daily professional concerns prevent them from dedicating the necessary time, and they may lack the adequate resources for a task of this magnitude.

Annual Performance Reviews

Entrust us with your annual individual reviews and create a space for dialogue with a neutral party. Why? Because there are often too many stakes and emotional burdens when working together on a daily basis, which can hinder communication.


By outsourcing these reviews, you avoid unspoken issues, excessive reactions, and ensure their effectiveness. Sometimes, it's difficult to speak the truth to your employer out of fear of causing upset or harm to your reputation. Likewise, employers may hesitate to address areas for improvement out of fear of discouraging the employee. Internally conducted reviews are often superficial and unproductive.


By using our services, you benefit from annual coaching sessions, either at the practice or via video, lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes per person.

Collaborative Management for a Cohesive Team

In an ever-evolving professional environment, the establishment of effective collaborative management is of paramount importance. Our services offer personalized support in this endeavor. Regular individual meetings, lasting 30 minutes, are one of the cornerstones of our approach. These One-to-One meetings, conducted by an external Human Resources expert, provide a privileged and reassuring space for your team throughout the year.


Managing internal relationships within the team is a delicate task. Our approach is committed to identifying these 'relational rough spots' and proactively defusing underlying tensions. Team cohesion is the glue that ensures productivity, engagement, and optimal customer service. Without this cohesion, mutual support diminishes, and the risk of negative feedback, especially on online review platforms like Google, increases.


By investing in collaborative management and fostering open dialogue, you are also investing in the long-term success of your team and your business

Making Your Meetings Meaningful:
A Catalyst for Dynamism!

During our practice interventions, we often heard employees testify about non-existent or ineffective meetings. This results in a feeling of loneliness and helplessness in the face of encountered obstacles and/or a daily waste of time. Our external Human Resources experts, therefore, act as facilitators and organizers to revitalize these gatherings and give them meaning.


Our approach primarily involves demystifying organizational and relational problems by addressing them in a concrete and constructive manner. We invite all participants to express themselves and get involved during this 2-hour session. Together, we develop practical solutions and plan their implementation, clarifying everyone's roles and deadlines for their execution. Each session concludes with the drafting of a report, ensuring a written record of the discussions and decisions made.


Improving collective meetings is an invaluable investment for any practice looking to continue its growth in a harmonious and productive environment.

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